4 Advantages Of Website Optimization And How You Can Make Full Use Of It

By January 25, 2018 January 29th, 2018 Tips & Tricks

What is Website Optimization?

We all get bored when a particular page takes too long to load? We are living in a very fast paced life and need access to information even faster don’t you agree?

Website Optimization is the solution that you should look for when you want your website to load faster, in simple terms it is a process that fixes your website issues and unnecessary components so it saves time while loading on the internet. It’s not only that, there are multiple things involved when one decides to optimize a website. (Advice: If you aren’t a developer or a technically sound person, please restrain in doing it all by yourself.)

In this article, we’ll see the most important advantages of keeping your website optimized and how to benefit from it.

1. Exceptional User Experience

Yes, the utmost advantage of a fast loading website is you give your customer an exceptional user experience. Your customer expects that your website should load super fast. According to a survey it was found that:

“higher the page load time, more people abandon the page”

Which in turn directly hits you on your bottom line. You obviously don’t need that do you? So, it is really essential to keep your website optimized so that your customers get the best user experience.

2. Great Page speed improves Google Ranking

As a modern business, you have to invest in digital marketing and above that, your business has to be listed on google, so that when people search for you they can easily find you! Google can get you two most important things that your business needs, one, visibility (ranking) and second, conversions (based on ranking). Google has already stated that Page Speed is an important component of the Ranking Algorithm hence, it is very much essential to get your website optimized so as to reap the benefits of Google Ranking Algorithm. A highly optimized website is ranked ahead on the google search engine results page (SERP).

3. Increased Sales

A slow loading website will hamper your sales as I had stated earlier, and this happens when people leave your website even before its completely loaded on the browser. This is how slower page speed kills conversions. So in order to excel in online sales, your website has to be optimized and hence you can achieve increased sales via your website. You’ll notice an increased conversation rate when you analyze your website traffic.

4. Achieving great ROI

As you are online with your website, you must have invested a lot of time and money into making it better, generating sales, leads etc. Also, you must have invested in conventional and non-conventional ways to market your website to your audience. A well-optimized website can increase your sales and make your customers visit your website again because they had a wonderful experience shopping on your site, this will generate more traffic and increased sales that mean you can achieve a great Return on your Investments on your website.

For example, after optimizing an e-commerce website for our client we observed 30% increase in website traffic and the sales had increased by 8.5%.


You have taken a right decision to use WordPress as your Content Management System. It is feature rich, easy to use and really robust. Well, just like all other website development platforms, it performs well when you keep it updated and optimized if not it can leave you stressed like never before.

There are no cons as such for website optimization, it definitely works as a catalyst to increase the performance of your website over the internet and proactively influences decision making for your site visitors giving them a great user experience and thereby directly resulting in greater traffic, increased sales and reducing the bounce rate.