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4 Advantages Of Website Optimization And How You Can Make Full Use Of It

What is Website Optimization?

We all get bored when a particular page takes too long to load? We are living in a very fast paced life and need access to information even faster don’t you agree?

Website Optimization is the solution that you should look for when you want your website to load faster, in simple terms it is a process that fixes your website issues and unnecessary components so it saves time while loading on the internet. It’s not only that, there are multiple things involved when one decides to optimize a website. (Advice: If you aren’t a developer or a technically sound person, please restrain in doing it all by yourself.)

In this article, we’ll see the most important advantages of keeping your website optimized and how to benefit from it.

1. Exceptional User Experience

Yes, the utmost advantage of a fast loading website is you give your customer an exceptional user experience. Your customer expects that your website should load super fast. According to a survey it was found that:

“higher the page load time, more people abandon the page”

Which in turn directly hits you on your bottom line. You obviously don’t need that do you? So, it is really essential to keep your website optimized so that your customers get the best user experience.

2. Great Page speed improves Google Ranking

As a modern business, you have to invest in digital marketing and above that, your business has to be listed on google, so that when people search for you they can easily find you! Google can get you two most important things that your business needs, one, visibility (ranking) and second, conversions (based on ranking). Google has already stated that Page Speed is an important component of the Ranking Algorithm hence, it is very much essential to get your website optimized so as to reap the benefits of Google Ranking Algorithm. A highly optimized website is ranked ahead on the google search engine results page (SERP).

3. Increased Sales

A slow loading website will hamper your sales as I had stated earlier, and this happens when people leave your website even before its completely loaded on the browser. This is how slower page speed kills conversions. So in order to excel in online sales, your website has to be optimized and hence you can achieve increased sales via your website. You’ll notice an increased conversation rate when you analyze your website traffic.

4. Achieving great ROI

As you are online with your website, you must have invested a lot of time and money into making it better, generating sales, leads etc. Also, you must have invested in conventional and non-conventional ways to market your website to your audience. A well-optimized website can increase your sales and make your customers visit your website again because they had a wonderful experience shopping on your site, this will generate more traffic and increased sales that mean you can achieve a great Return on your Investments on your website.

For example, after optimizing an e-commerce website for our client we observed 30% increase in website traffic and the sales had increased by 8.5%.


You have taken a right decision to use WordPress as your Content Management System. It is feature rich, easy to use and really robust. Well, just like all other website development platforms, it performs well when you keep it updated and optimized if not it can leave you stressed like never before.

There are no cons as such for website optimization, it definitely works as a catalyst to increase the performance of your website over the internet and proactively influences decision making for your site visitors giving them a great user experience and thereby directly resulting in greater traffic, increased sales and reducing the bounce rate.

How WordPress Maintenance Can Ease Your Pain


we hear about WordPress Maintenance we often think it as a time-consuming activity. Most of us tend to give very low priority or neglect maintaining our website irrespective of how high or low the traffic is. Have you ever given WordPress Maintenance a thought? Have you thought maintaining your WordPress Website can be an investment too?

Yes, today we are going to answer the elephant in the room! How Can WordPress Maintenance Ease Your Pain? Well, you will have to consider opting for Website Maintenance in the first place. Most of the people that I have come across think that,

Once Website is complete and live, my job is over. I have a face on Internet that’ll help my business for years!

Such line of thought leads to the pain that we are going to talk about in this article. Whenever I refer to the pain I am referring to the hardships one faces in his/her business to keep it running successfully online. Entrepreneurs first need to understand that it is essential to invest time and money to your website so that it is up-to-date. Let’s see

How WordPress Maintenance Eases your pain

Maintaining your WordPress website properly ensures minimum technical snags as far as your website is concerned. WordPress Maintenance ensures that your website is properly optimized and responds fast to the customers/audience before they leave your website to never come back. No, I am not inducing fear in your mind by stating “they will never come back”, but you can find many scholarly articles stating it!

On the other hand, if your website is fast and responds quickly your audience is going to love the experience and they are going to share their experience with their family and friends! Who doesn’t love free marketing! Afterall, word-of-mouth is one of the most effective ways of marketing communication you can ever have! take that sarge!

Another pain can arise in terms of data loss. Imagine you suddenly lose your customer/audience data and information? Let me tell you how it feels; it feels like returning to square one. We reach from where we had started. WordPress maintenance plans generally include website backup, so, just in case if you lose your data you have it backed up with Maintenance Agencies like us! Hence, this pain can cause you a lot of damage directly affecting your marketing efforts.  Your marketing team will definitely kill you for this! (not literally :p)

Update, Monitor and Clean!

The prime focus of any business should be staying ahead of its competition. If your internet presence is holding you back then maybe its time for you to update it! Regular Website Maintenance is essential when we are talking about websites built on WordPress. As WordPress frequently releases its security and maintenance updates and major releases so that the software is up-to-date and new features are added. The latest WP ensures latest features, code enhancements, bug fixes etc. which once updated gives a flawless experience to your audience who will enjoy browsing your website. Although, sometimes there may be a functionality break due to a major release then is the time you can call up agencies like us! We’re always there for you!

If you are considering monitoring your website, for how long you’ll do it? On the other hand, your website requires continuous monitoring too! Yes, I may be speaking on both sides but it’s a truth. You can’t leave all your work aside and keep monitoring website, then, who will monitor? Again it is better you outsource this task to an agency which specializes in providing WordPress Maintenance Services. In turn, you can save a lot of time and effort and focus on other business growth activities.

Now, let’s talk about the most concerning issue of all, Website Security. You must be knowing that Website Security cannot be attained in a day. It requires time and constant monitoring. By subscribing to a good WordPress Maintenance Plan you can ensure robust security for your website against hacking attempts, Spam attacks, data thefts etcetera. A good secured website will induce trust in your customers/audience and of course, you can sleep well at night! An apt quote I would like to mention;

“If you spend more on coffee than on IT Security, You will be hacked. What’s more, you deserve to be hacked” ~ Richard Clarke

Your website

can hurt you in most unexpected ways. As functionality breaks can arise anytime if your website hasn’t been maintained for a while. To understand the impact, place yourselves in the shoes of an e-commerce store owner and customer traffic on your website is at its peak. Suddenly the customers report that they are not able to buy the product as the Buy Button is not working! What do you do?

What do you lose

  • The revenue which could have generated by people shopping on your website.
  • You create a bad impression about your brand on the minds of your customer
  • First-time visitors.

Last but not least,

Your marketing efforts will help you to acquire new customers/audience, however, you also need to keep an eye on your SEO Score so that people find you on the internet. Keep your content updated, relevant so that people find it useful and interesting. One can utilize the maintenance plan to upgrade content on the website and maintain the website on the first page of Google Search Result Page.

To Conclude,

We have offered you the best bird’s eye view as far as WordPress Maintenance is considered. And, by now, we expect you might have known its importance. All we suggest is, you have already invested your time and money in making a website for yourself, then why not maintain it and get a higher ROI? Give it a thought and reach us if you have any doubts or queries!

Why you need WordPress Maintenance? What’s in it for you?

Whenever we talk about WordPress we usually look at it as the easiest way to build your website. It’s an accepted fact that you can build any type of website using WordPress, may it be an online store, a portfolio website, or a corporate website. Make it or modify it this platform has got your back! Have you given a thought to WordPress Maintenance?

However, creating and maintaining a website are two different things, Creating and making your website online is just a fraction of your task. The main task starts when your website is up on the web. Many new tasks come up viz. content updates, plugin updates, participation amongst website audience and yourself and most importantly keeping your website up and running all times on the internet.

Your inconsideration towards basic website maintenance might get you in trouble giving rise to the following points

  • Higher page load time
  • Bad User Experience
  • Low security
  • Spamming
  • Decreased ranking on web searches

Hence, if you want to have a seamlessly working website over the internet it is essential to maintain it like a well-oiled machine.

In this article, we’ll see how to take care of the basic maintenance of your website all by yourself and how often you should do it. We should always keep in mind that WordPress is a CMS tool and like any other tool you need to take a proper care so that your internet presence is always up to the mark.

Now, let us look at the tasks that are to be performed as far as WordPress maintenance is considered.

Always install the latest version of WordPress

Keeping your WordPress to the latest version is very important for many reasons and is the basic step forward towards your WordPress website maintenance

Updated WordPress ensures that you have the latest code and features. Also, WordPress regularly releases security fixes (latest being WordPress 4.9.1). This keeps you away from some known security concerns. Not updating your WordPress can be one of the reasons for your website getting hacked.

Currently, the Major Release being WordPress 4.9 “Tipton”. Check here to learn more about Tipton.

Updating your Plugins & Theme

Themes and Plugins are an integral part of WordPress and hence cannot be ignored. What is applicable to WordPress is also applicable to the theme and plugins that are installed and active. The reason being the same, outdated themes and plugins act as prime gateways for hackers and can be extremely vulnerable to data theft.

Generally, authors of these themes and plugins provide regular updates & security patch to their products so as to provide seamless functionality & compatibility with the latest version of WP and keep your website secure.

P.S. It’s always recommended to take a back-up before you upgrade your core WordPress. Another piece of important information being you should always perform the core updates first followed by theme and plugin updates.

Keep an eye on Security & Major WordPress Updates

WordPress updates are released at a regular interval, they can be widely classified into 2 types, i.e. Security Updates and Functionality Update and are easily identifiable by their release versions. You can view all WordPress releases here

Although WordPress security updates are applied automatically, there is an option where you can disable this feature. As WordPress Experts, we do not recommend you to disable this feature because security updates are very unlikely to break your website’s functionality.

On the other hand, you also have the auto-update feature for major releases. however, there is a risk of functionality break on your website. This is where we step in! (just boasting :p). Auto update for major releases we do not recommend to use.

Now, we know how important is WordPress Maintenance, we know that WordPress Releases Security Updates & Major releases regularly, We know why we need to keep our theme and plugins updated. Moving forward we’ll see.

8 Things you can do yourself to maintain your website

Backup – Regular interval backup always comes handy when something goes horribly wrong with your website. If you have a high traffic website it’s recommended to have a daily backup. Backups eliminate the risk of losing data and crucial information. Following are some ways you can take backups

  • Plugins paid or free (please stick to only one plugin if you use any) – write to us if you need to know more!
  • Find a good hosting provider who does it for you
  • Subscribe to WordPress Maintenance Services like us! There are many service providers. You need to check the plan in detail before subscribing.

Keep enhancing User Experience – You have made your website live to the world. People from all over the world are now able to view it. It is looking fine on your devices, have you checked it on some other devices? Considering your audience is all over the world, there is a wide range of devices from where your website can be accessed. Take some time after every few weeks see how the user feels while using your website. Ask your friends & family to review the website. Make your website easy to use.

Keep an eye on the user demographics – Well yes, stalk your website audience. Multiple plugins will help you do that right on your Dashboard! Perform your traffic analysis and provide/adapt your website content that will suit best. You can do this every month or two.

Interact – Interaction on your website also helps in maintenance of your website. Keep your visitors engaged by replying to their concerns, write blogs on related topics. With this, you get to know what are the things that your customers expect from you and your website, what problems they face while using the website and you can eventually improve. Delete spam comments regularly if you have a very high traffic website (frequency can change with website traffic)

Sort, Organize, Repeat – This is for every type of website but most importantly it’s for content driven websites. Where there are multiple contributors contribute to the content of the website. You’ll need to delete unwanted drafts and pages, sort them and clear all the trash. Increase in unwanted pages causes the website to become heavy and takes more load time! Increase in load time affects your web rankings which are not good for any business.

Plugins – Plugins expand the functionality of any WordPress Website and you install 2-3 plugins to check which one works better for that particular functionality. Generally, when you find out which suits best, you forget to remove the unwanted plugins. It is recommended to remove all unwanted plugins as they can be responsible for more load time and can pose as a gateway for hackers.

Security Scan – Hack, malware attack are the worst nightmares of any business these days. Might your business need users to share their crucial information right? What if the information is compromised? It’s always better to take preventive measures as far as security is concerned. You should always give the highest priority to Website Security. There are plugins like Securi that lets you monitor your website security they check for irregularities and potential threats so that you can fix those beforehand and this way you can be safe. Can’t invest this much time? View our plans and subscribe! We’ll do it for you!

Server and Database Optimization – Keep your server optimized for your website, it directly affects the load time. Always remember people look for a solution online to save time; if your website takes time to load they won’t wait too long for your website to load! You lose your business. If you have an in-house team to look after your website you can direct them to work on the server & database optimization. WordPress uses MySQL as a database, and database can accumulate a lot of redundant and unwanted data that needs to be eliminated.

To Conclude,

if you want an online presence for your business, you’ll need your time and money to be invested in the Website maintenance as there is no other workaround for this. Internet presence gives you global exposure and also keeps you on your toes. A little effort on a regular basis towards your website will ensure a fast loading, secure, user-friendly website where users are happy to browse, shop and spend time!