Create Magic : WP Auror, Your WordPress Maintenance Service Expert

By November 15, 2017 November 17th, 2017 Company Stew

The idea, Journey and more…

Working with WordPress as a CMS for many years has been a great experience; facing issues, solving them, experimenting and innovating more and more on WordPress has been the most interesting part.

There are many businesses out there who are very happy and proud of their presence on the internet with their WordPress Website. However, these prospective customers are completely unaware of the “technicalities” that are involved in maintaining their WordPress Website and eventually, they either perish or upgrade by paying huge sums of money.

WP Auror, an idea influenced by the Magical World of Harry Potter (Auror is a highly trained wizard)is the solution to the problems faced by these businesses. We, as a team, are humble, down to earth and believe in a simple solution to a complex problem.

We are catering to the WordPress Website Maintenance Space and helping our clients to keep their Websites Updated. We are the one-stop solution for all WordPress Website Maintenance Services. We are new and we are aspirational but we will always be reasonably priced. Period.

“We hope to gain your support in this magical journey and create an environment where Website Maintenance is affordable for everyone.”