We understand you might have come across many questions on WordPress Maintenance, Website Backup, Website Optimization etc. Don’t Worry we’re here to answer your questions. We at WP Auror have tried to cover some major queries that we have come across while our customer interactions. Hope these questions will help find your answer. If not, you can ask our support via live chat on the website or fill up the contact form and we’ll get in touch!

Why should we work with you?

We’re a team of experts located around the globe. Yes, we work remotely that enables us to keep you secured 24/7 and all 365 days. Our team has WordPress.org contributors who have contributed to the WordPress core.
If you compare plans offered by other WordPress Maintenance Services we’re the most affordable service you would find. We can achieve this because we have kept our plans “no-frills” .i.e. we don’t provide you with unnecessary paid plugins that will make your website bulkier. 
We would love to suggest some plugins that will really help your website to work at optimum levels all the time.

How does it work when I subscribe to WordPress Support?

Once you sign up and subscribe for WordPress Maintenance Plan as per your needs, you will shortly receive an order confirmation email. Once the subscription is processed by us we’ll contact you via your registered email asking for website details like admin username and password. You can reply to the email as the details will be stored as per best AES practises. We email you within 1 hour after you have subscribed for the maintenance plan.

You are asking for my website credentials, Do you store them safely?

Yes, we require your website credentials with administration access because it helps us to routinely configure your website theme, plugins, take backups, do updates and so on. We store your credentials as per Advanced Encryption Standards. So you have complete security of the data.

Other WordPress Maintenance Services provides premium plugins with their plans, does your plan include them too?

No, we do not offer any premium plugins with our plan. We think a business can be big or small and our objective is to be affordable to all. But yes, we would love to advise you on what premium plugins you can buy to make your website fast, safe and secured.

I am not satisfied with your service, Can I claim a refund?

Yes, you can claim a full refund within 30 days from your payment with no questions asked. We give you a 100% money-back guarantee for the first 30 days.

I have an e-commerce website, Can you manage it?

Yes! absolutely, we can manage e-Commerce Websites powered by Woocommerce. We recommend you to buy our intermediate plan so can make most of your e-Commerce portal.

Does WP Auror support WordPress Multisite in their WordPress Care plans?

We support WordPress Multisite and WordPress Multi-network. However, due to the highly unique and differing structures used by both our team might ask for some additional information from you.

How do I contact WordPress Support at WP Auror if I detect an issue on my website?

You can create a support ticket for the issue with our support team through our website. You will get a ticket number so you can track the issue progress. You’ll also receive updates on e-mail.

What is your resolution time or turn around time for an issue?

Once you log a support ticket you’ll receive an acknowledgement email from us. Within, 1-3 hours you’ll receive an email from us stating the issue details and estimated resolution time. Within 24-48 hours your issue will be resolved until it is too complex.
If the issue is too complex or requires more time to resolve we’ll inform you in advance. We try to close every complaint/issue within 48 hours of receipt. We try our best to be fast and efficient.

My Website is hacked, Can you help?

Yes! We can get your website cleaned within 24 hours.

My WordPress website is slow, can you help? Also, I don’t want a yearly commitment.

Sure, we understand. You can sign up for our website optimization plan which is one time. You can get 1 website optimized 1 time in the plan. You don’t have a yearly commitment or a contract with us.

Can I upgrade or downgrade my WordPress Care Plan once I have already signed up?

Yes, You can upgrade or downgrade at any time by opening a support ticket or by reaching out to us through live chat.

I have 3+ websites to be managed, How can I sign up for your service?

All our maintenance plans are for one single website. Sub-domains are considered as individual websites. If you wish to sign up with multiple websites you can contact us and claim 5% additional off on our plans.

Does it matter which hosting service I am using?

We work regardless of your hosting provider. However, there are some optimizations and tweaks that might or might not be supported by your hosting provider. In such a case, we’ll let you know if you need to change or request a change to your hosting provider.

Do you manage WordPress Websites hosted on AWS?

Yes, we do! Our team has experience and knowledge when it comes to handling sites hosted with AWS. You’re in safe hands! You don’t need to worry.