We have been doing a lot recently similar to what is going around all of us on this planet. WP Auror team is as usual working remotely but we are taking WFH so seriously that none of our team members is attending any event, meetup, social gathering or not even working from co-working spaces. Virtual is the new normal anyone would say.

From past week we have been working on ourselves and revamping our website that you may have noticed by now. We are trying to make it more simple and on-point as per the feedback received from many of our clients & partners. We have also setup new emailing services so that you can receive our updates every week and get our promotional offers. You can subscribe for our weekly newsletter below.

Currently, due to the pandemic, we are receiving many requests from small businesses for WordPress support that we are catering as much as we can. We are also providing WordPress Maintenance Support to our Local Businesses at discounted rates so that they can go online and sell their products without the stress of maintaining their website.

Lastly, we have affiliated with WP Engine in the last week. We took this step because we anyways recommended WP Engine to many of our clients and so we decided to become affiliates for WP Engine.

Currently they are providing 3 months free when you sign up for WP Engine Go check it out now!

So overall, this week has been an amazing adventure ride that we had not expected. We as a team enjoyed it a lot and now we’re waiting for our next adventurous week starting tomorrow!

PS: We provide Unparallel WordPress Website Maintenance Support and Website Optimization service go check out our plans now!


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