Affordable WordPress Website Maintenance Plans that save you money & time.

We’re affordable. It does not mean we compromise on our quality. We’re a distributed team and we pass that benefit to you!

The approximate total amount you may spend in maintaining a WordPress Website by yourself

~$76 every time you plan to maintain your website may harm your budget. We do it in $29/month

Personal Assistance

There are times when you can’t figure out the problem with website. Our WordPress Experts, in no time find the bottleneck and provide you the solution. We are the domain experts and you can trust us!

Security Scans

“Prevention is better than cure” We follow this and advise the same to our clients. We make regular security scans to your website to identify external malware so that they can be prevented before they become a threat.

Stress Free Updates

Website is the face of your business on the Internet, it better be updated. We help you keep your WordPress website updated by updating themes, plugins and core WordPress updates.

Up-time Monitoring

Website is a business generation tool, imagine suddenly at peak traffic the website goes down? You’ll lose your business. WP Auror Experts keep an eye on your website so that if it goes down it can be online ASAP!

Timely Backups

Backing up all your website data is important. We’ll backup your website and maintain it with us so, if something goes wrong your data is safe. We schedule your backups and maintain reliable data.

Staging Site Creation

Staging sites are a great way to test any new additions to your website. WP Auror helps you to set up a staging site to test, revise or update without breaking the functionality of live site.

Never worry about your WordPress Website Maintenance again by letting us do it all–from development to security, to site updates, and more!


$ 29

Per Month Billed Yearly.Get 2 Months Free!WordPress Core Updates
Plugin Updates
Theme Updates
Daily Backups
Security Scans
Up-time Monitoring




$ 49

Per Month Billed Yearly. Get 2 Months Free!All features of BASIC +
Content Updation
Staging site creation
CSS Fixes
Weekly site review & Personal Assistance
Compatibility Support



Website Optimization

$ 35

One TimeComplete performed-for-you optimization
CSS, JavaScript & Image Optimization
Visible content prioritization
Website Load time Check
Server Response time
Leveraging browser caching