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WPAuror, founded in late 2015 is a WordPress Service and Maintenance Company that serves to more than 100 clients monthly. It has a combined readership of 150,000 readers/2 months.

Our audience majorly comprises of Agencies, Individuals & Corporates who are interested in topics like WordPress Optimization, Data Backups, CSS & JS fixes and so on..

We want to achieve affordable Website Maintenance to everyone and enable knowledge sharing in this field of ours. Consider this as a small step to a loooooong journey.

By contributing to WPAuror with your specilized experiences and skills you’re taking the community towards the desired goal of knowledge sharing. And yes, you are more closer to your potential clients and prospects.

It would be awesome if you could contribute in the following areas:

  • Do’s & Dont’s of WordPress Maintenance
  • Best Practices to keep you WordPress Website Healthy
  • How to achieve the most optimized version of your CSS & JS
  • DIY Website Optimization Tutorials
  • Tools for image optimization
  • Plugins that help to keep WordPress Website Safe
  • Security for non-developers

All articles must have:

  • An amazing cover photo. (We’re Potter Heads! If you could find a relevant picture that would be awesome!!)
  • Clear titles & paragraphs. One should be able to identify the paragraphs & titles
  • Be to the point. Small article would do but it should be to the point.
  • Write such that it’ll be understandable to everyone. Simple english would do!
  • Write for knowledge sharing & not for promotion only. (If we think you’re promoting your product too much we can reject the article)
  • Proof read, Proof read & Proof read!
  • Share all necessary sources & give credits to them!
  • Be sure if you or someone has shared or submitted the article that you have written somewhere else.

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