Top 5 Smart Tips to Maintain your WordPress Website

By December 1, 2019 April 11th, 2020 Tips & Tricks
Maintain your WordPress website 5 tips

I came across many professionals & agencies asking about what to look for when it comes to maintaining your WordPress Website. WordPress itself is a very dynamic landscape and has multiple facets when it comes to website maintenance. I have tried to cover some of the important points/tips that you can do to Maintain Your WordPress Website

  1. Backup your website at regular intervals

    It is extremely essential to backup your website at specific intervals. It majorly depends on the amount of content you post on the website you can decide the frequency accordingly. Backing up your website is also a good idea because one manual mistake and the website can go down immediately.
    Another big reason is website hacking, hackers are everywhere and always looking for financial gains they majorly act by spyware, ransomware & viruses. They also tend to spam your website by displaying unwanted advertisement which might get your website blacklisted. You need to act fast in such cases and installing a fresh backup of your website will help resolve the issue within no time.

  2. Keep your website updated

    WordPress keeps on releasing newer versions, security and maintenance releases, latest being WordPress 5.3
    Also, most of the major theme & plugins companies share timely updates to their core files that help block the spyware attacks and provide you with reliable security. It is advisable to keep the WordPress Core and themes and plugins on your website updated at all times which is really important if you wish to maintain your WordPress Website.
    Before performing any updates we recommend you to take a backup of your live site so that if something goes wrong or something breaks you’ll be safe.

  3. Don’t Clutter Website with Unnecessary Plugins

    WordPress is a great tool to create amazing websites and one can extend its functionality by adding free or paid plugins as per requirement. In WordPress, you don’t essentially need to know how to code. But, one thing you need to know is that you don’t have to clutter your WordPress Website with unnecessary plugins. It hampers the website performance and makes it slow and more vulnerable to attacks.
    We advise you to keep reviewing and optimizing your plugin use promptly and keep cleaning unused plugins that way you can achieve your functionality & optimization goals simultaneously.

  4. Monitor Website Security

    Though the 4th point here, but its one of the most important point to look into if we are discussing WordPress Maintenance. Security of your website has to be continuously monitored. A simple yet profound way to do is to apply smaller but effective enhancements to your website like 2-factor authentication while logging in, website lockdown after multiple failed attempts, not using admin or administrator as username and many more. Another thing to keep in mind is monitoring your files for added security for that you can use Wordfence which will also help you set up 2FA and Login attempt limiter for each user role.

  5. Optimize Database

    Database optimization is nothing but reducing response time. Optimizing WordPress Database helps remove unwanted data and de-clutter the database. This gives you additional memory in your database that can be used more productively. A clean database increases website performance by reducing the query response time and enhancing the website speed and user experience. There are various free, freemium & paid plugins you can use or otherwise you can do it via PHPMyAdmin.

To conclude, these are a few smart steps you can take to maintain your website so that it runs smoothly. There are more points that are not covered since we have tried to list all the important ones. You can either do these tasks yourself by reading a step-by-step guide or hiring WordPress maintenance experts like us!

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