WordPress 4.9 – What’s in it for You?

By November 16, 2017 News

WordPress 4.9 got released today,

Approximately 29% (source) of the websites in the world will be updated to WordPress 4.9.
The name ‘Tipton’ is an honor given to Billy Tipton a Jazz musician and band-leader the primary motive of this release is to ensure smooth design workflow and keep users safe from coding errors.

The main features of this release being:

    • Design Drafts
    • Scheduling Customizer Changes
    • Collaboration with design
    • New Gallery Widget
    • Code error highlighting if you happen to be doing some custom CSS or HTML

Let us now dig in detail of each of those amazing features one at a time

WordPress 4.9 - Customizer Scheduling

Design Drafts: WordPress 4.9 enables you to design and schedule those design changes when you want them to go live; yes, it’s similar to how we used to schedule Posts and Pages. And, most importantly, you can save your design customizations and as the draft and publish them when you think they are good to go live!

Collaborate with Design: When designing a website, its bound to happen that your client/stakeholders of the website need to review the design before going live, WordPress 4.9 makes it easier for users like us to share the work via a preview link to gather feedback on the design before making it live. (means no need to work on a staging site just to get approvals :P)

WordPress 4.9 also enables collaboration if there are multiple designers working on the same website. Hence, either of them cannot override one’s design. You have all the right to protect your design! You have put your efforts, didn’t you?

Coding made easy: Time is an utmost important resource, earlier developers used compromise higher time to search for their coding errors. With WordPress 4.9 it makes sure to highlight all the Syntax and errors on the CSS you wrote with all your heart. It’s a boon for developers as they can save much more time and do what they love the most! Code!

WordPress 4.9-Caution/Warning Highlight

Safety Sandbox: Warning is always better when you are updating a working code. Backup is necessary, or else you can end up losing your work. Bang on to solving this WordPress 4.9 has the safety sandbox feature to warn you about saving your code with an error.

It’ll also warn you when you try to update any theme or plugin file and suggest you to create a child theme instead. How cool is that!

And that’s not all………..

WordPress 4.9-Text-widget-add-media

Remember we used to put a URL of an image to display image in the Text Widget? Yes? Well, that’s the thing of past now! The latest WordPress release provides you with Add Media Button on text widget same as that on a Post and a Page.

Other features include Reliable Theme Switching, Preview for a selected theme right from the customizer, Better menu instructions.

Our take: WordPress 4.9 has it all and for everyone for Designers, Developers, Content creators! It is obviously going to save us more time so basically, it’s going to WIN.

You can check the complete list of changes here

(and see what I bumped into: A Forbes article about WordPress dated 22nd Dec 2016)